Why Some Girls Will NEVER Get Free Bottles in Vegas

Why Some Girls Will NEVER Get Free Bottles in Vegas

“We are all good looking, I promise” doesn’t work.

Used to be, just getting IN the club meant everything. You didn’t need big named DJs (who might be considered no longer hot by next year) or lame-themed parties to help the brand of the venue. Just being inside where everyone wanted to be was enough. Hence the reason you HAD to know someone at the door to get in.

Fast forward to 2017 & you get a text like this:

Granted, in today’s nightclub landscape the market is too saturated not to offer an arm and a leg to fill in the club. DJs are being signed and dropped like minor league baseball players in the farm system. Open Bar, Comp Tables, Comp Bottles, Promo Tables, Comp Cabanas, Comp Daybeds, Comp Entry For Girls, Comp Entry For 1:1 Ratio, Comp Entry For All Dudes — you name it & guaranteed a club on the strip is offering it. The argument here isn’t about the current state of the market — it’s about how spoiled the Vegas nightclubs has made a large segment of girls who come to party here and why some girls need to stop & not take rejections on “COMPS” too personally before pointing the finger & calling promoters & hosts: misogynist, racist, fat-shaming, and douchebags. (Least they got one right)
This is a very primitive visual presentation of how the nightclub food chain works:


The problem becomes when girls who are meant to be fillers & cannon fodder have the illusion that they deserve more than they are being offered. That they should get the same treatment as the “hot girls” who are being pampered by each venue.

“We’re already on the guestlist, but can you give us a comp table? My friend said she got one last time in Vegas”
“Not a problem, just need a picture of the group”
“For what?”
“We can’t just give out comp tables to everyone” (He has to be careful not to be too blunt about what qualifies a girl to get a comped table)
“Um…my friend didn’t have to do that last time she did it. We’re all good looking, I promise”

And that’s the problem: “We’re all good looking, I promise” compared to what though? Because your “friend” that you work with went to Vegas and and got a free bottle? Was it during a busy weekend? Slow weekend? Are her friends hot? You sure they didn’t buy the table and just bullshitting you to impress you?
But these are questions that a promoter just doesn’t have time for & frankly couldn’t give two shits about.
So a couple ways this scenario could play out:

1.The promoter can just say there are no comp tables. Girl can accept the answer & that’s that
2. The promoter says no comp tables, girl accepts answer, she shows up at the club, sees girls at a table, and chews out promoter and writes negative yelp review.
3. The promoter says no comp tables, girl doesn’t accept, finds new promoter who offers a comp table without vetting, girls end up not being hot, they get rejected at the door, misses guestlist cut-off time, blows up on promoter, door-staff, writes negative yelp review.
4. The promoter says sure, doesn’t vet, they end up not being hot, repeat scenario 3
5.The promoter says sure, decides to vet, realizes the girls are not hot, tells them table isn’t possible, girl finds another promoter, repeat step 3.
6.The promoter says sure, decides to vet, realizes not hot, girl finds another promoter who also vets & declines, girl is pissed and blows up on both promoters, goes to different club that’s in less demand, gets a comp table, and writes negative yelp review on first club.

It goes on and on.
The common weave through all these possible scenarios is that this would all be very simple if the girl, simply understood WHY she’s being vetted & accepts the decision that comes with the process. After all, who would have a better idea about what type of girl qualifies to get a comp table — the guest or the promoter/host who works for the club & has booked countless number of free tables.
Comp bottle service is just the start, comp dinners, comp rooms, comp flights, comp this, that….
Refer back to the food chain: the HOT girls bring additional value to a club. So there is a benefit to offering them a comp bottle, or rooms, because there there is return on investment. Same logic is behind comping high rollers at a casino. You don’t see them comping rooms to someone who played $1 worth of slots do you? But maybe the casino might comp them a free buffet, which cane be compared to open-bar at a club. You get comped based on your value.
So the next time a promoter rejects you for a promoter table, don’t be so quick to write a Yelp review talking negatively about the club & the promoter.

Remember this?



Obviously there has been a lot of “rule changes” since then, but that promoter just blew a gasket. He could’ve been calmer and explained everything logically so that she would understand his point of view. But, it automatically turned into a PR nightmare with a clever headline.
This isn’t about Whales or Hippos, it’s about learning to stop being so blind & stubborn about what you think you deserve in a Vegas club. “It’s not personal, it’s strictly business.”

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Why Some Girls Will NEVER Get Free Bottles in Vegas

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