Don’t Be These People At The Club

Don’t Be These People At The Club

8 Types Of Guests That Can Ruin A Night Out

Time and time again the staff that operate the nightclub/dayclub establishments have to deal with a particular type of customer who fall into one of several categories that have a negative effect on everyone they interact with. If you have a habit of falling into one of these categories, please do everyone a favor: consider staying home.



Pre-gaming is one thing, but these particular characters have a mission to get Blacked-Out drunk BEFORE the club even opens up. This is just asking for disaster. Stinking of booze at the line, can’t find their ID, sweating bullets, arguing with bouncers, talking/bantering with anyone that will give them an ear. Icing on the cake: puking in line. If they happen to make it INSIDE the venue, the troubles grow exponentially. Fights, inappropriate behavior, getting lost, losing valuables, and more puking.
If you can’t handle your booze, stay the hell away from the club. Let everyone else who CAN handle their liquor have some fun.



These are my personal favorite, mainly because it’s fun to eavesdrop on their conversations which makes our own messed up relationships seem that much better. This type of guest brings whatever drama they have at home with their BF/GF/Ex/Separated/Fighting/Taking-Time-Off-From-Partner and spreads it out in front of the club for everyone to see. They crouch down against the line and start yelling at the top of their lungs. They ruin their friend’s night out by being a total downer and saying things like

“don’t worry about me, go inside and have fun”

all the while 100% knowing that none of their friends will be dick enough to actually do that. Instead their friends will ruin their own night so that their miserable friend is alright.
What about the ones who come as couples and fight in public? What about em? They go F themselves for all we care. Don’t wash your underwear in public. Especially at a club.
You got drama in your life? Put it away till tomorrow, lets have some fun for now.



You might be able to fake it to your friends or noobs of the club scene, but once the bill arrives your true colors will show. Please don’t pretend to be a baller when you’re not even close to being one. Don’t waste your host’s or promoter’s time by asking for an expensive table, all the while knowing that you will just enter the club via general admission or downgrading your table to the cheapest possible. Guests that pretend to be above it or too good to even acknowledge door hosts are just pathetic. Know your place, get in line, and act accordingly.



Most of us have an inner voice telling us that we are unique & special, and that the best way to show this is to dress up a certain way. Even if that means going against the dress CODE of the venue you are about to head into. These are the clowns that wear shorts to a nightclub, or the ones that come in a wife beater with a baseball cap. How about the jackasses that wear timbs to a pool party? Plenty of these jokers around. And it’s usually the same pattern: they arrive, host tells them no, then security tells them no, then they ask for a manager, then the manager tells them no, finally resulting in the group just leaving. Waste of time for everyone involved.



“I’m 21, I’m not lying!”

If there was a hot girl for every idiot that says this line to a bouncer at a nightclub, every single club would be filled with hotties every single night. Guests that fail to realize the basic point of an ID check are the same ones who waste security host’s time by trying to emotionally plead about a very objective process. You losing your ID because you were wasted at the pool, you forgetting your ID on your first ever trip to Vegas, you losing your license cause of some bullshit story at a bullshit place due to a bullshit reason is not good enough for anyone to risk their job, or any venue risking a fine or worse, losing their license to operate. There are some gray areas to this issue that we won’t discuss here, but for 99.9% of guests who don’t have an ID — stay in your room.





These next honorable mentions are pretty self explanatory.
Girls who should hit the gym A LOT more before deciding to wear something that reveals the love handles, flabby gut, and cheese grader ass. Please stop, it’s embarrassing…for US.

“Please hold the guestlist for us, we are still getting ready”

she texts this at 12AM…it shouldn’t take you 5 hours to get ready. If you’re one of these people, have your friends go first and you buy yourself a ticket so you can go in faster on your own. Don’t be selfish.

Finally, the donkey who thinks he knows that one person at the club who will magically bend all the rules for him and his boys. Online says $5000 for the table? don’t worry about it, this guy you know will hook it up right? Well, where is he? Oh, he isn’t responding to your text? That’s strange…

Unless it’s a legitimate contact with a legitimate reason for why they’re “hooking you up” (I.E. you are a celebrity, expansive network, large business, you know a lot of hot girls) there wouldn’t be any value in hooking a nobody up. Stop living in the dream world. Think rationally & maybe next time, you won’t ruin your group’s entire evening by having them rely on you.

Having a great night out is very easy to put together. It’s a well oiled machine that operates several nights a week & is there ONLY to make sure you have such a good time that you would want to come back. It only becomes an issue when a few select people ruin it for everyone else. Don’t be these people at the club.

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